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What Can I Do if My Strap is Not Comfortable?

There are many reasons why a strap can be uncomfortable. Luckily, we have some easy solutions to quickly make carrying your handbag more enjoyable!

All photos were provided by Mautto customers showcasing their new comfortable accessory straps.

These are typical scenarios customers reach out to us for guidance with:

How to deal with a heavy handbag

Heavy bags can put strain on your shoulders, neck and back. Heavy bags can also contribute to bad posture. The quickest fix for this is to remove unnecessary weight from the bag, or add a shoulder pad to your strap. The other fix is to add a wider strap to your bag. This helps better distribute the weight the bag is applying to your shoulder area.

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If you usually carry a large or heavy bag on your shoulder, try carrying it with an across the body strap. This can help distribute the weight more equally across your entire body, instead of on one side (when carrying on a shoulder). Cross body straps are very popular and for good reason... they're super comfortable and also allow your hands to be free, so you can focus on carrying other things.

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How to deal with a strap length that's too long or short

Customer with DE leather cross body strap.

Sometimes, the shoulder strap that comes with a bag is too long or too short for your needs. This problem has plagued handbag manufactures for decades. And we totally understand why! How can a strap be designed to fit the needs of every customer? It usually can't. While it may work nicely for the majority of bag owners, there will be some tall (or vertically challenged) customers that don't have an optimal bag carrying experience.

The solution? An adjustable length strap, or, a fixed length strap that's tailored to your exact needs. Most adjustable straps we offer have a broad range of length adjustability: typically from shoulder to cross body lengths. This puts the control back in your hands (or your shoulder?), allowing you to adjust the strap to fit your mood, style, situation and more.

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Some customers prefer a fixed length strap because they have less hardware (no adjustable buckle/slide mechanism) and provide a more minimal look. If this is the case, a little more care needs to be taken when determining your ideal strap length. You can view more details about choosing your strap length in our Strap Fitment Guide.

How to deal with a stiff strap, or a strap that's too narrow

Customer with long shoulder strap in elegant chain links.

Some bags use straps that are thin or that use chain links. Most petite size bags use thinner straps, which generally isn’t an issue. Same is true with chain link straps. It only starts to become a problem if your bag is large or heavy.

Thin straps are great for petite bags, and thin straps also offer more "stickiness" (don't slide off your shoulder as easy as some wider straps). Unfortunately, thin straps can dig into your shoulder, causing pain over time. If this is the case, you can simply utilize a wider and more comfortable strap.

A great alternative to a thin strap, is a wide adjustable strap. Colorful straps have become quite popular, allowing you to coordinate colors with your bag (or attire), show some flair, or to separate yourself from the crowd with a more fashionable strap.

Stiff straps can be great for certain bag styles, but like thin straps, can be uncomfortable to wear. The simple solution to a stiff strap, is a soft canvas or nylon strap.

Chain straps offer a level of elegance, sophistication and classiness that leather straps just cannot. However, a chain strap isn't always the most comfortable option. For light-weight handbags, evening bags, or small purses, chain straps can be a wonderful choice to elevate the look of your bag. If your chain strap isn't holding up to regular day-to-day use, consider a leather strap or colorful non-leather strap, to alleviate some discomfort.

Strap customization available

If you find a strap on that requires a little customization to fit your needs, please let us know! We can usually accommodate custom length requests with ease and little or no fees. More complex customization requests usually require additional production time and detailed care, to ensure your specifications are met. In this case, any additional time requirements or cost will be communicated to you, before placing a custom strap order.

Remember, we are here to make carrying your purse, handbag, tote or bag of choice, a fun and comfortable experience!

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