How to choose a strap size that meets your needs.

How to Choose a Strap Size that is Just Right for You

Choosing the right strap size for your bag is important... that's why we created this guide for you!

When selecting your strap, it's important to consider the Length and Width because each has their own characteristics which change the look, comfort, and way you carry your bag.

Mautto leather across the body strap on a customer.
Photo shows a 50 inch length "cross body" strap worn with a medium-size bag.

Choosing a strap length

The strap length is measured from one end to the other, including the attachable hooks/hardware. Please note that "strap length" is different from "drop length" which measures the distance from the top of the strap to the top of the bag, when being worn. We measure all straps by their length (from end-to-end) because the drop length depends on the type of bag, what type of clothing you're wearing (a heavy coat for example), your height, the position the bag is worn and so forth. By using the end-to-end length method, you can select the length that works best for your personal needs.

The standard strap lengths listed below should work for most, however, we've found that it's really a personal preference. Only you know the strap length that makes carrying your bag comfortable and a pleasure.

Examples of different size/length straps.

Here's how you can find the right length... To determine the length of strap you need, we recommend using a piece of string or yarn, attached to your bag, and adjusted until the length is just right. Measure the string from end-to-end to determine your strap length. Another method that often works well is to find another handbag you have with the strap length you're looking to replicate. If possible, attach it to the handbag to see if it will work for the length you'd like to achieve. You can also order a Mautto tape measure to help determine your perfect strap length.

We categorize bag straps into these typical uses and lengths:

Please note: most straps are available for custom order at lengths to fit your exact needs. Contact us with your custom strap length request.

Choosing a strap width

The strap width is the portion of the strap that rests on your shoulder or in your hand (if used as a "top handle"). Generally speaking, the larger the strap width, the heavier a bag that can be supported. This is because the contact area of the strap increases as the strap width increases, which allows for improved weight distribution and comfort. This is particularly useful for anyone with sensitive shoulder, due to arthritis, for example.

Photo showing leather strap widths compared to USA quarter-dollar coin.

Also interesting to note, a skinnier strap usually "sticks" on your shoulder better, helping to prevent your bag from slipping or falling off. As a rule of thumb, smaller bags generally use smaller width straps, and larger bags generally use larger width straps.

So the challenge becomes finding the right balance between usefulness (do I need to carry a large and heavy bag, or small and light weight bag?), comfort (will I be carrying the bag for extended periods of time and does it fit my body?) and look (does the strap look balanced with my bag?).

We categorize handbag straps into these typical widths:

Wear your bag the way you want

With a Mautto strap, you have the freedom to wear your bag exactly the way you want. There's no need to worry about how a bag will look or hang with the strap it came with. Now, that choice is yours, with a strap that fits your needs, mood or style!

Have you found a handbag you absolutely love the look of, but wish it had a different length strap, different color or was thicker/more sturdy? Well, now you can get that bag and add a custom Mautto strap so your new bag is just the way you want it!

This customer sums it up perfectly:

"Your straps are awesome and are actually lasting longer than my bags (DKNY, Coach, Michael Kors, and Furla). I've told everyone I know that they should always buy the bag they love and replace the straps with something better...keep up the great work!!!" - Dawna, Virginia

If you have questions or need guidance with selecting your strap, please feel free to contact us.

If you'd like to learn more about purse straps and how to choose the right one for your style and needs, be sure to see the Purse Straps 101 Guide.


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