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Photos Submitted by Mautto Customers
Get inspired with these customer submitted photos! You're in good company...
10 Ways to Use a Handbag Strap
Creative strap uses, from turning your purse into a cross body, to matching your outfit or mood.
A Collection of Mautto Customer Success Stories
A collection of short success stories from Mautto customers. Broken straps fixed, designer bags restored, bags converted to crossbody, customized straps, and more!
10 Tips to Overcome Neck Pain from Supersized Purses
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that great bag that just carries everything is just not good for your body.
How to Choose a Strap Size that is Just Right for You

When selecting your strap, it's important to consider the Length and Width because each has their own characteristics which change the look, comfort, and way you carry your bag.

How to Choose an Accent Color

It's not always possible to find an exact color match for your bag's strap. But who's to say the color needs to match? We say it doesn't. And so do many Mautto customers.

Quickly and Elegantly Extend the Length of your Strap!
This handbag accessory is a wonderful, easy, and quick way to get the length you need from your existing strap without modifying your bag.