Customization of Mautto Straps & Accessories

Most straps and accessories found on are available for customization, many at no additional cost!

Typical customization includes:

  • LENGTH. Do you need a shorter or longer length, not listed for purchase? This is the most common customization and usually possible.
  • WIDTH or SIZE. Do you need a leather strap made at a wider or slimmer width? Some straps can be made at uncommon widths.
  • HARDWARE FINISH. Do you need a strap with a hardware finish not seen, such as antique brass, brushed gold or brass? Many straps can be made with these finishes, and others.
  • CUSTOM STYLES. Do you need a leather strap with chain links on the sides? Do you have a design idea in mind that you can't find any where? Perhaps you'd like to combine elements of multiple strap designs into one? While this level of customization isn't always possible, it's worth asking!

If you have a customization request, you can make your request in the "ASK A QUESTION" section of the product page you are interested in. Or, you can use this contact form to submit your request.

Please note that when we customize an item for you, it may not be eligible for return. This information will be made clear to you before making your purchase, and will depend on the level of customization requested.