Does your business provide a product that includes a leather or chain strap? If so, a wholesale partnership with Mautto may be a great way to enhance your product or offering.

Mautto provides:

  • Hand-made, attachable straps using genuine leather, jewelry-quality chain, or combinations of both

Mautto values:

  • Using high quality American made and sourced materials

If our product and values align with your business goals, then contact us today.


There are opportunities for owners and managers of retail businesses that carry handbags, handbag accessories, or bags with straps (camera cases, diaper bags, messenger bags, etc). Other example retailers include:

  • Women's accessories stores
  • Retailers with a handbag or accessories selection
  • Handbag outlets representing multiple brands
  • Leather or shoe repair shops

Our straps take very little shelf space and provide colorful eye-candy.

If you run a Shopify store, you can join Collective and sell our products directly through your website.


Arguably the most important part of the bag–a strap–must be durable, strong, yet comfortable. We've perfected that.

There are opportunities for businesses that make handbags, clutches, purses and other bags (camera, diaper, messenger, etc) that utilize a detachable strap.

Learn More About A Wholesale Account

To establish a wholesale account, please contact us with the following information:

  • Description of your business and purpose for the wholesale account
  • Resale certificate number
  • Types of straps you’re interested in
  • Estimate of quantity and frequency of strap orders

We'd love to learn how we can do business with you! Contact us today.