Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers.


We ship from our facility in California, USA. We ship to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, select European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and other countries. If you are unable to complete an order to your country, please contact us with your request for customized shipping.

Our straps and accessories are made by hand, as ordered by our customers. Typically, straps take 1-3 weeks to produce, before shipment. Optional production upgrades and expedited shipping options can be purchased during the checkout process, and will significantly decrease the time required to receive your order.

Standard/ground shipping is complimentary to the USA with all orders. Optional shipping upgrades can be purchased during the checkout process. International shipping varies by order size and country.

Shipment tracking information will be provided to you when your order ships, so you can track the progress of your order. This information is sent to the email address used when placing your order. It is recommended to create an account so that you can closely track the progress of your order.

Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations

You can use the shipping carrier of your choice. Return your order to the address below. Be sure to include your order number, complete contact information, and reason for your return. Mail to: Mautto LLC, 1725 San Felipe Road, Suite 1, Hollister, CA 95023

You can view the complete return and exchange policy here.

Cancellations are allowed up to 2 days after your order is placed. If your order includes an expedited shipping/production upgrade, then your order can't be cancelled. If you cancel your order, you will be charged a non-refundable $3 cancellation fee per item, or 10% of the item's price (whichever is greater). Cancellations are not allowed after your order has shipped.

Strap Repair & Replacement

A full guide on purse/handbag strap damage, repair and replacement is also available.

That depends on the damage, what's being fixed and your expertise. If you don't have the tools or experience, then we recommend contacting us to learn more about our repair services. Typical repair jobs include replacing a broken piece of hardware, shortening a strap due to leather damage, or extending the length of a damaged strap with luxury chain. Generally speaking, if a strap is damaged and can't safely carry your bag's weight, we recommend replacing it with a new attachable strap.

Yes, in some cases, we may be able to repair your broken strap! We've replaced broken hardware, created new straps using existing hardware and even completely repaired straps that seemed unusable. If we can't fix it, we're hopeful you'll be able to find a similar replacement from our collection of genuine leather or chain straps.

This depends on the type of strap your bag uses. If your strap is detachable, then absolutely! Even if it's not detachable, a new strap can usually be attached to existing handbag hardware. We provide replacement straps that can be quickly attached to your bag using our clips.

In most cases, yes. We receive inquiries of this type all the time. We know this can be frustrating, but rest assured that our selection of attachable straps will have you rocking that new bag in no time!

We do not create "replica" straps. We are an independent company and not affiliated with any other handbag manufacturer. We use our own designs and materials in creation of high quality straps and accessories for purses, bags and more.

In some cases, yes. You’ll want to contact your bag’s manufacturer for details. In our experience, the ones that do provide exact replacements, are often very expensive (we’ve heard upwards of $1000) and can take months to have replaced. If you’re hoping to get a replacement strap soon and affordably, then we recommend finding an alternative leather or chain strap.

Saffiano leather typically has the textured cross hatch print/pattern/coating, used by designer brands. We do not use this type of finish on our straps. We prefer to allow the genuine texture, grain and pebbling of the leather show (beautifully) on our straps. While the Saffiano look is stylish, it may not be as comfortable as our leathers, which are most similar to the leathers used in luxury cars and garments. That is to say, they are soft and pliable. Many of our customers with Saffiano bags have found our leather straps to be more comfortable and offer a suitable finish for their bags.

Oh, our adored pets! We hear these types of stories all the time. Luckily, a strap that’s been chewed through, heavily damaged or ruined by your leather-hungry pet, can often be replaced. We offer hundreds of leather strap styles including different widths and lengths. Or, you might consider a chain strap—chewing through metal is next to impossible.

If you need a custom length, color, material or size, then let us know! We complete custom strap orders all the time for our customers.

Bag Conversion

If your bag has metal hardware that can accept an attachable hook, then you should be able to quickly remove and replace your existing strap with a different one. Why would you want to do that? If your existing strap is meant to be worn on the shoulder, but you'd like to wear the bag in cross body position or need to have a shorter strap, simply use a different length strap that meets your needs and swap out the new strap whenever you want. Easy as that! With a few different detachable straps in your accessory closet or wardrobe, you can pick the perfect strap for your perfect bag, outfit or occasion. Swap your bag’s strap like you would change a scarf or piece of jewelry to fit your mood.

That depends on the type of strap used on your bag. Some bags have straps stitched/fixed into place and can’t easily be removed or replaced. Others have removable straps that can be quickly taken off and replaced using attachable hooks. Many Mautto straps use this type of hook, making it very easy to add a new strap to your bag to fit your needs.

If your bag has rings, tabs or hardware on it that will accept an attachable hook, then yes! Most bags do, which opens up your bag to additional uses (how fun!). For example, if your purse is worn tight against your underarm, you can use a longer strap to wear the purse as a cross body (to free up your hands, or for added security during sporting events, public outings, etc). The choice and purpose is really up to you and the possibilities are endless! With our attachable straps, you can wear your handbag the way you like and are most comfortable with.

Strap Length & Fit

A full guide on how to select the perfect strap size is also available.

Strap length is the maximum measurement of the strap, from one end to another, including the hardware (hooks). Place the strap on a flat surface and measure it from tip-to-tip. This is how we measure strap length. Learn more by viewing the Strap Fitment Guide.

Drop length is defined as the distance between the peak of the strap to the top of the bag when worn or held. Drop length varies by handbag and use. To determine (roughly) the tip-to-tip length of your strap, you can either double the manufacturer's quoted "drop length" or use a piece of string as a mock strap on your bag; adjust until the length is just right, then measure that length from tip-to-tip. Learn more by viewing the Strap Fitment Guide.

Most cross body or messenger style bags have strap lengths in the 40-60" range. The length of a cross body strap for your needs will depend on the bag, your size, amount of clothing and your comfort level. Keep in mind, the length of a cross body strap is a personal preference. You may be most comfortable wearing your handbag around the waistline, where for others it may be low on the hip. Allow your new strap to be comfortable for you. For example, a petite woman wearing a t-shirt, may find a 40 inch strap to be ideal. Or, a tall woman wearing a large jacket during the winter, may find a 60 inch strap to be ideal. Because your clothing and size can impact how a cross body bag lays against your body, we often recommend an adjustable strap for maximum flexibility with length.

There are two ways to make a purse strap longer: (1) Replace the existing with a longer, more suitable strap, such as a cross body or adjustable length, or, (2) extend your existing strap using a strap extender. A strap extender allows you to add the length needed to your existing strap, if your bag supports attaching and removing a hook.

Choosing a Strap Color

Start by viewing our leather color options page. With over 25 leather colors available, most customers are able to find the right color for their bag. However, if a suitable color can't be found, we recommend an accent color or chain strap. A gold-tone, silver-tone, gunmetal or antique brass chain strap, can provide a new level of elegance and class to your bag. We also offer more casual options, including cotton canvas and nylon.

Yes! You can purchase small color swatches from us so you can verify a suitable color before purchasing a strap. Leather and non-leather material samples are available for a small fee.

Strap Quality

Only the best! Okay, so that's totally cliché, but it's also true. All leathers are hand-picked for their consistency, feel, grain, softness, sturdiness and many other factors that make a Mautto leather product one that you'll be proud to carry. The quality and grade of leather is comparable to that used by luxury car brands and in high-end garments.

Yes, but don't worry, imperfections are difficult to spot and generally not noticeable. When we select leather for your strap, great care is taken to ensure a consistent surface is used. You will NOT notice common genuine leather imperfections like brand scars, blisters or stretch marks. We carefully cut around that stuff so your strap looks its best.

Yes. Leather, like everything else (except the person that wrote this FAQ), ages over time and depending on use. You may notice more pronounced wrinkles or slight discoloration, or no change at all, depending on how much use your strap gets. If you want to age the leather faster, then use it more! There are leather conditioners which can provide an aged look when applied, but we do not recommend using them.

All Mautto chain is solid metal with a high quality finish, and has the look, feel and sound of jewelry. We do NOT use aluminum or plastic chain. That's the cheap stuff, which we stay away from.

Additional Questions?

Feel free to contact us if you don't see the answer to your question.