A Special Note About Our Hand-made Products

While machinery, mass production, and robots have their place in this world (think: TVs, cell phones, automobiles), we believe it does not belong with handbag/purse strap making. With a leather strap, hand-woven leather chain strap, and many of our other items, human interaction is a must.

Mautto was founded with the belief that if you put your heart into something, the outcome will shine. If the outcome shines, then customers will be overjoyed.

This belief could only be achieved through the use of hands.

  • Hands that discover the softest, most beautiful leathers.
  • Hands that cut leather into pieces for assembly into straps.
  • Hands that stitch and guide sewing machines.
  • Hands that package orders as if every item is a gift.

What does all of this mean?

It means every item we produce is unique. Every item can have subtle variations in color, texture, length, width and so on. Every item is one-of-a-kind.

It also means that you should expect variation from order to order. Not significant variation, but natural variation due to the unique nature and customization of Mautto.

When you order from Mautto, you are getting a customized strap or accessory, made to your specifications. A couture strap, if you will. Through this unique customization, we are helping you get re-connected with your bag. And this is our passion! This is quality craftsmanship you can trust, from an American manufacturing company.

Cheers to humans and hands!