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Hello, fashion enthusiasts and accessory aficionados! If you're passionate about purses, crazy about clutches, and adore all things handbag-related, you're at the right place. At Mautto, we believe that the right purse strap or accessory can transform your entire look, turning a simple handbag into a fashion statement. Whether you're a seasoned fashionista or just dipping your toes into the world of handbags, we've got something for everyone. Your handbag deserves the spotlight!

Haute Halloween: Fashioning Your Look with the Colors of the Season
Just as the holiday bridges the gap between autumn and winter, your ensemble bridges the gap between fashion and festivity.
Game Day Glam: Show Your Team Spirit with Fashionable Colors
Flex your team colors (on or off the field) with a sporty purse strap! Create a fashionable game day look using common colorways associated with teams from popular sports.
The Art of Colorful Couture: Mastering Stylish Contrasts with Your Purse Strap
In the grand tapestry of fashion, "colorful couture" is more than just a style statement. It's a philosophy that beckons you to explore, experiment, and express.
Dress to Impress with Leather Woven Chain Straps
When it comes to making a statement with your accessories, few things are as captivating as leather woven chain straps.
The Key Leash / Key Tether Accessory: Combining Style and Security

Key leashes and tethers are more than just practical tools. They're a perfect combination of style and security.

Pawsitively Stylish: Paw Print Purse Straps for National Dog Month
Celebrate National Dog Month in style and add a paw-some twist to your accessories.
A Guide to Handcrafted Custom Straps: Where to Start?

Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or someone seeking to add a personal touch to your bags, this guide will introduce you to the custom strap manufacturing process.

The Benefits of Replacing a Strap Instead of the Entire Bag: Good for the Pocketbook and Environment

An exploration of the environmental impact of handbags and the financial savings associated with strap repair or replacement, versus complete handbag replacement.

Colorful Purse Straps for Summer: The Secret to Effortless Style
Explore the power of colorful purse straps and how they can elevate your summer looks to new heights.
Purse Straps 101: Everything You Need to Know
While the design, material, and color of a purse are crucial, let's not forget the unsung hero that holds it all together: the purse strap.
How to Choose the Best Strap for Your Louis Vuitton Bag Size
With all the different LV bag models, it can be difficult to understand the sizes. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to remember with the following basic guidelines.
A How-to Guide for Choosing Your Cross Body Strap Length

Straps that go over your shoulder and cross over the front of your body are popular because they can free up your hands allowing you to do more.

Sizzling Style: How to Utilize the Vibrant Colors of Summer
Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bold colors and playful combinations.
How to Care for Your Leather Strap, Handbag or Accessory

Easy tips for caring for your leather goods, to maintain appearance and longevity.

What Can I Do if My Strap is Not Comfortable?

There are many reasons why a strap can be uncomfortable. Luckily, we have some easy solutions to quickly make carrying your handbag more enjoyable!

What to do if your handbag/purse strap breaks, is damaged, or needs to be repaired

Most broken straps can either be repaired or replaced. Here is a list of common challenges that face handbag owners and possible solutions.

Popular Handbag Styles: A Brief History

There are many types of handbags, each designed for different occasions, styles, and functions. Here are some of the most common types.

How to Adjust Strap Length Quickly from Crossbody to Shoulder Positions
Our adjustable straps can quickly change from crossbody position to shoulder position, in a matter of seconds. See a video demonstrating this.
Short Shoulder Straps & Top Handles Are in Style!

These strap lengths are gaining popularity in recent years. These styles offer a new way to carry your handbag, purse or other favorite bag. Keep reading to learn more about these convenient strap styles and for a link to save 30%!

What is Saffiano Leather? How and Why it is Used by Handbag Manufacturers
When it comes to premium handbags and purses, one of the most coveted materials in the fashion world is Saffiano leather.
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Get inspired with these customer submitted photos! You're in good company...