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A How-to Guide for Choosing Your Cross Body Strap Length

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Straps that go over your shoulder and cross over the front of your body, also known as cross-over straps or xbody straps or across-the-body straps, are popular because they can free up your hands allowing you to be more productive. With your hands-free handbag or purse placed across your body, you can now:

  • Secure your valuables tightly on your body (great while traveling!)
  • Free up your hands for shopping or carrying baby
  • Provide a more comfortable way to carry a bag
  • Distribute weight more effectively, relieving stress on the shoulder

Selecting the right cross body strap length for your bag can be tricky because many factors go into determining this ideal strap length, including:

  1. Body height (how tall you are)
  2. Body size (how petite or curvy you are)
  3. Personal preferences (how low or high your bag hangs against your body)
  4. Bag shape and size

Handbag manufacturers are faced with this challenge whenever designing a new handbag, purse, tote, or other style of bag. This is why the adjustable strap is a popular feature of modern bags. However, some people prefer the simple and sleek design of a fixed length strap, because it uses less hardware and is usually more affordable.

This sounds like a lot of information to consider, but here are some quick tips to find the perfect cross body strap length!

Body Height Can Have a Dramatic Impact on Strap Length

Your height will likely play the biggest role when determining length. The chart below can help you get started with typical lengths, depending on height. Please note that these numbers are a suggestion, based on the average Mautto customer. You may not be average, and that’s okay, which is why we also cover “personal preference” later in this guide.

Suggestions for Cross Body Strap Length


(feet and inches)


(inches, end-to-end)

4' 9" 35
5' 39
5' 3" 44
5' 6" 49
5' 9" 54
6' 59
6' 3" 65
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Helpful Tip Regarding Height!

Generally speaking, the taller you are, the more length required to reach your ideal cross body strap length. Conversely, a shorter than average person will require less length to reach an ideal strap length.

Body Size Certainly Impacts Strap Length

Your body size can affect the length required to properly fit a cross body strap with your bag. Smaller people generally require less length, while curvy people generally require more length. The graphic below visualizes this, with a suggested range of length to add or remove, depending on your body size.

Graphic showing body size and how it impacts strap length.

As an example, let’s say you are 5 feet and 6 inches tall, and you are curvy. The Height Chart discussed earlier would suggest a cross body strap length of around 49 inches, and the Body Size Chart above suggests adding 6-10 inches. That simple math would be:

49 inches + 8 inches = 57 inches

In this case, a strap length of approximately 57 inches would be a good place to start. This length can also be confirmed with a piece of string or rope, attached to your bag. If it seems a little too long, remove an inch or two. If it seems a little too short, add an inch or two.

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Helpful Tip Regarding Body Size!

Generally speaking, an extra petite body size will require less strap length, to achieve the ideal cross body length. Conversely, a curvy body size will require more strap length, to achieve the ideal cross body length.

Personal Preferences Can Impact Strap Length

This is where cross body strap length can vary wildly! We have customers that prefer their bag be worn tightly across the body, resting above their hip (referred to as a “short cross body strap”). We also have customers that prefer their bag be worn loosely across the body, resting well below their hip (referred to as a “long cross body strap”).

The graphic below visualizes this preference difference, with a suggested range of length to add or remove, depending on how you want to wear your bag.

Graphic showing how personal preferences can impact strap length.
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Helpful Tip Regarding Personal Preferences!

A piece of string or rope can be used on your bag, to help identify a comfortable length. Adjust the string or rope until your bag hangs just right on your body, then remove and measure it from end-to-end.

Bag Shape & Size Can Impact Strap Length

Some bags have an odd shape or are over-sized. This too, can impact the strap length required to comfortably wear your bag across-the-body. If your bag isn’t a typical size or shape, it is suggested to follow the guide above as a starting point, and then test that length with a piece of string or rope on your bag. If too short, add some length and test again. If too long, remove some length and test again. Adjust the string or rope length until your bag fits comfortably, then measure that length from end-to-end.

Customization of Strap Length May be Necessary

If you desire a fixed length strap, in a custom length not available or visible for purchase at Mautto, please contact us with your request. We can customize our leather, nylon, canvas and chain straps to fit your exact length needs (usually without large fees). This way, you can always wear your bag in the most comfortable length possible.

With strap length customization at Mautto, this also means you can buy a bag, purse, tote or handbag that you love the look and functionality of, even if the strap length is too short or too long.

Reconnecting you with your bag is our passion! Let us help you make that happen.

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