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Game Day Glam: Show Your Team Spirit with Fashionable Colors

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Red White and Blue colorway sporty strap for team spirit.

Game day isn't just about cheering on your favorite sports team. It's also a chance to express your team spirit through your fashion choices. Whether you're heading to the stadium or hosting a watch party at home, incorporating your team's colors into your outfit can be a fun and stylish way to show your support. Let’s explore how to create a fashionable game day look using common colorways associated with teams from popular sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your team's official colors. These colors often hold significant historical or symbolic meaning, and understanding their significance can help you craft a more meaningful game day ensemble.

Popular Sports Team Color Combinations

Let's start by briefly looking at popular sports team color combinations and their color significance.

  •      Black and Gold. Black symbolizes power and strength, while gold conveys wealth and success. Teams include: Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL), New Orleans Saints (NFL), Boston Bruins (NHL)
  • Sporty silver bag strap for game day fashion.
         Black and Silver. Black symbolizes strength and power, while silver represents prestige and sophistication. Teams include: Las Vegas Raiders (NFL), Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), San Antonio Spurs (NBA)
  •      Blue and Gold. Blue/navy symbolizes stability and trust, while gold signifies victory and excellence. Teams include: Golden State Warriors (NBA), Los Angeles Rams (NFL), Los Angeles Chargers (NFL), UCLA Bruins (College Sports), Notre Dame (College Sports), Michigan Wolverines (College Sports)
  •      Blue and White. Blue/navy often symbolizes strength and determination, while white signifies purity and unity. Teams include: Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB), New York Yankees (MLB), Indianapolis Colts (NFL), Chelsea FC (Soccer/Football), Toronto Blue Jays (MLB), North Carolina Tar Heels (College Sports), Duke Blue Devils (College Sports)
  •      Green and Yellow. Green represents growth and resilience, while yellow signifies optimism and energy. Teams include: Green Bay Packers (NFL), Brazil National Soccer Team, Oregon Ducks (College Football)
  •      Green and White. Green represents growth and renewal, while white signifies purity and unity. Teams include: Boston Celtics (NBA), New York Jets (NFL), Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)
  •      Orange and Black. Orange symbolizes enthusiasm and energy, while black represents strength and authority. Teams include: San Francisco Giants (MLB), Baltimore Orioles (MLB), Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)
  • Sporty navy blue accessory bag strap for game day fashion.
         Orange and Blue. Orange embodies enthusiasm and determination, while blue/navy represents trust and stability. Teams include: New York Knicks (NBA), Denver Broncos (NFL), New York Mets (MLB), Florida Gators (College Sports)
  •      Purple and Gold. Purple signifies creativity and ambition, while gold symbolizes success and achievement. Teams include: Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Baltimore Ravens (NFL), Minnesota Vikings (NFL), LSU Tigers (College Football)
  •      Red and Black. Red represents passion and intensity, while black embodies strength and authority. Teams include: Chicago Bulls (NBA), Atlanta Falcons (NFL), Ottawa Senators (NHL), Chicago Blackhawks (NHL), Georgia Bulldogs (College Sports)
  •      Red and Blue. Red represents energy and determination, while blue/navy embodies trust and stability. Teams include: New England Patriots (NFL), Houston Texans (NFL), Boston Red Sox (MLB), Chicago Cubs (MLB), FC Barcelona (Soccer/Football), Arizona Wildcats (College Sports)
  •      Red and Gold. Red represents passion and energy, while gold conveys victory and excellence. Teams include: San Francisco 49ers (NFL), Chicago Bulls (NBA), St. Louis Cardinals (MLB)
  •      Red and White. Red represents passion and courage, while white signifies purity and integrity. Teams include: Manchester United (Soccer/Football), Canada National Hockey Team, Cincinnati Reds (MLB)

How to Embrace Color for Game Day

Sporty red purse strap and game day fashion accessory.

Experiment with mixing your team's colors with neutral tones or complementary shades. For instance, if your team's colors are red and black, consider pairing a red jersey with black jeans or vice versa. Or, detach that boring black strap on your bag, and replace it with a vibrant red strap! Mixing colors can create a balanced and visually appealing look that's both on-theme and fashion-forward.

Accessories are a versatile way to incorporate your team's colors into your outfit without going overboard. Think about wearing scarves, hats, gloves, or even socks that feature your team's colors. These accessories can add a pop of color to your outfit while keeping you warm and stylish.

Don't forget about your nails and makeup! Paint your nails in your team's colors or experiment with eye shadow and lip colors that match. These subtle touches can tie your whole look together and demonstrate your dedication to your team.

Your choice of footwear can also play a role in your game day ensemble. Look for sneakers that incorporate your team's colors into their design. You can find athletic shoes, casual sneakers, or even boots that match your team's palette.

Coordinate Colors with Friends & Family

Consider coordinating your game day outfit with friends or family who are also attending or watching the game. Planning outfits that incorporate the same color scheme can create a sense of unity and camaraderie among fans.

Expressing Team Loyalty with Style

Red and Black sporty strap for team pride on game day.

Game day fashion isn't just about wearing team jerseys; it's an opportunity to display your team loyalty in a stylish and creative way. By incorporating your team's colors into your outfit through accessories like a vibrant purse strap and thoughtful color coordination, you can turn a regular game day into a fashionable celebration of your favorite team. So, the next time you gear up for the big game, remember that your ensemble can be as exciting as the action on the field or court!

Did you know your bag holds the key to successful game day fashion? Most bags have straps that can be detached or have rings where a strap can be clipped to. Add a vibrant color strap to your bag that coordinates with your team’s colors to seamlessly be game day ready! Shop an assortment of genuine leather and fabric woven straps in a wide variety of colors and styles. Sort by color, strap size, length and more:

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