10 Ways to Use a Handbag Strap

10 Ways to Use a Handbag Strap

From turning your purse into a cross body, to matching your outfit or mood.

A handbag is a reflection of our fashion and taste. Likewise, the strap also plays a similar role. It can be used for simply carrying weight comfortably on your shoulder, or better yet, it can be used to make a bold fashion statement.

A strap can also be used to complement your outfit or mood, and it can be used interchangeably with other straps so you can wear you bag exactly how you want. Plus, a new strap can make it exciting to carry an old fav, once again!

Below are some typical, fun and creative examples of uses for a Mautto strap.


Replace a worn out, frayed or broken strap.

The strap is the hardest working part of your bag – it carries all the weight! Well actually, your hand or shoulder does, but technically, the weight is transferred through the strap, meaning, it bears most of the brunt. So it’s not surprising that your bag’s strap can fail.


Convert a purse or handbag into a cross body bag.

How great would it be to convert your favorite purse or handbag into a cross body bag? In many cases, this is possible!

Simply attach a longer cross body strap to match or complement your bag’s colors and hardware. Perfect for securing your bag while traveling or at a public event too (like a football or baseball game).

Cross body conversions photo


Extend the length of a strap to fit your needs.

With a strap extender, you can temporarily (or permanently) lengthen your bag's strap.

Here are just a few examples: wear your shoulder bag as a crossbody bag, or, wear you bag more comfortably while wearing a heavy coat, or, wear your tight-hugging hobo bag as a low-hanging shoulder bag.


Make a fashion statement.

For the spunky and fashionable types, a strap can be used to make a bold statement.

We've seen many fun and unique uses, including a cheetah print strap for a black bag and a red strap on a white bag, to the more casual complementary colors like a black strap on a brown bag and a gold chain strap on a red clutch.

Make a fashion statement with a strap photos


Replace a missing strap for a used bag you purchased.

If you purchased a handbag online at a bargain because it was missing a shoulder, crossbody or other strap, then you’ll probably be able to find a suitable replacement from Mautto. We offer genuine leather straps in over 25 colors and have many chain straps as well.

Chain straps are a great choice because they match almost any handbag color (and look striking too).


Restore an old bag that has a failing strap.

We know how it goes...you have a favorite bag that lasted many years, but unfortunately is no longer usable. So, it ends up in the closet.

If your bag has hardware that can accept an attachable hook, then there’s hope! And, if the strap is detachable, a handmade Mautto strap will do lovely. If your bag needs other repairs, we might be able to help as well!

Handbags with replacement Mautto straps


Preserve your original designer bag strap.

For anyone looking to keep the strap on their new designer bag clean and damage-free, a similar looking strap by Mautto is a great choice.

Mautto straps are handmade with genuine leather and have rolled edges and are double-stitched for extra durability; they will not fray or tear along the edges, making them a good choice for long-term use.


Find new uses for your favorite bag.

With an attachable Mautto strap, the options are truly endless.

If your bag can accept an attachable hook/clasp, then you’re free to wear your bag in many more positions than it was originally designed for. With a shorter strap, you can wear your cross body bag like a hobo or even held like a traditional handbag. Or, get a longer strap and wear your clutch as a messenger bag!

New uses for your handbag with longer or shorter straps photos.


Complement your outfit or mood.

Imagine having a strap that looked great with your bag AND provided the perfect amount of flair for your outfit or mood. We've seen our straps used with colorful bags. We've seen our straps used with colorful outfits. And we've seen our straps used with colorful bags and colorful outfits! A strap doesn't need to match if it's used to complement you.

For extra bling, consider a luxury chain strap...perfect for that special night out or a classy occasion. All Mautto chain straps are solid steel with gold tone or nickel plated finish, which means they look, feel and sound like fine jewelry.


Protect your bag and its contents during travel.

Securing your valuables is important. Especially when you're traveling. With an adjustable cross body strap or solid steel chain strap, wearing your travel bag securely around your body helps keep your valuables close.

Secure your bag with a cross body strap during travel.


BONUS: Transform your bag or camera (or anything else that uses a strap), with an ultra-fashionable strap.

Bring excitement and fashion to your bag or camera...make the ordinary strap, extraordinary, with an ultra-luxury chain and leather weave strap, or chain and leather handle strap.

If you'd like to share your story/experience with us or have a unique strap request, contact us now.

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