Photos of LV purses and handbags with popular strap.

The Ultimate Strap for Your New, Or Beloved & Vintage, Louis Vuitton Bag

Did you recently acquire a new LV purse? Were you handed down a vintage LV handbag? Are you looking for a comfortable strap to carry your favorite LV bag in the popular cross body position? Did you lose a strap for you LV (or missing one)?

Dark Brown & Golden Honey Colorway Strap

This strap, developed by Mautto in the 2010s, has become a favorite among Louis Vuitton purse and handbag lovers for its versatility and comfort. It blends perfectly with the damier ebene (DE) and monogram styling, and can be used with other dark brown colorways or golden honey accent colors.

It's available in your choice of metal finish, including polished gold-tone, antique/aged gold, silver-tone and gunmetal black.

Below is a list of popular Louis Vuitton bag models that this strap is commonly used with. All photos on this page were provided by customers, showing this strap on their LV purses and handbags.


  • Photos of comfortable accessory strap on Louis Vuitton purses and handbags.
    Key Features: Structured silhouette, double zipper closure, rounded handles, monogram canvas or Epi leather.
  • History: Rumor has it, this model was originally created in the 1930s as a custom order for Coco Chanel, released as a standalone model in 1934.
  • What Makes it Special: Timeless elegance, structured shape, and a mix of classic and modern styles.


  • Key Features: Taurillon leather, top handle, detachable shoulder strap, distinctive LV closure, available in various sizes.
  • History: Introduced in 2013, named after the street where Louis Vuitton opened its first store in 1854.
  • What Makes it Special: Craftsmanship, understated design, and a blend of heritage and modern luxury.


  • Key Features: Flap closure, metal hardware, leather strap, available in various materials including monogram canvas and Epi leather.
  • History: Originally launched in the 1970s, reintroduced in 2018 with a modern twist.
  • What Makes it Special: Retro-chic design, capturing the essence of the '70s with a contemporary update.


  • Key Features: Duffle bag style, double zipper closure, leather handles, monogram canvas or Damier prints.
  • History: Created in 1930 for stylish travel, popularized by celebrities in the mid-20th century.
  • What Makes it Special: Classic travel bag, synonymous with luxury and adventure, available in various sizes.


  • Key Features: Trunk-inspired design, metallic corners, removable and adjustable crossbody strap.
  • History: Inspired by Louis Vuitton's iconic trunks, introduced in the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 runway show.
  • What Makes it Special: A true fashion statement, blending classic trunk elements with a contemporary mini-bag aesthetic.


  • Key Features: Spacious tote design, monogram canvas or Damier Ebene/Damier Azur prints, thin leather handles, drawstring sides.
  • History: Introduced in 2007, designed for everyday use and named for its roomy and expandable nature.
  • What Makes it Special: Ideal for daily use, known for its generous size and stylish yet practical design.


  • Key Features: Bucket shape, drawstring closure, adjustable shoulder strap, monogram canvas or Epi leather.
  • History: Created in 1932 to carry champagne bottles, it became a fashion accessory when a champagne producer's wife requested a stylish way to carry her bottles.
  • What Makes it Special: Unique and iconic silhouette, blending functionality with a distinctive shape.


  • Key Features: Large tote style, monogram canvas or Damier prints, leather trim, available in various sizes.
  • History: Introduced in 2019, designed for those who need a spacious and stylish tote for daily essentials.
  • What Makes it Special: Roomy and functional, making a bold fashion statement with its oversized design.

Pochette Accessoires

  • Key Features: Small clutch/pouch, monogram canvas or Damier Ebene/Damier Azur prints, detachable wrist strap.
  • History: A versatile accessory introduced in the 1990s, designed to hold essentials and be carried by hand or as a wristlet.
  • What Makes it Special: Compact size, perfect for organizing small items, and a popular choice for both casual and formal occasions.


  • Key Features: Iconic monogram canvas, leather trimmings, padlock and key, double handles, available in various sizes.
  • History: Created in the 1930s, originally named the "Express," it became popular as a travel bag and was later rebranded as the Speedy.
  • What Makes it Special: Classic and timeless design, loved for its versatility and recognizable monogram pattern.


  • Key Features: Signature LV twist-lock closure, convertible chain handle, Epi leather or exotic skin options.
  • History: Launched in 2015, known for its innovative twist-lock mechanism.
  • What Makes it Special: Modern and playful design, combining functionality with a touch of edginess.

If you’re looking for a new, comfy, casual and hip new way to carry your fav LV, this is it!

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    I have the Louis Vuitton matte Alma bb bag in the black epi leather. I’m looking for a thicker strap that would suit the bag. I like the fabric straps. Any recommendations?

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