Photo showing top handle length strap and short shoulder length strap on a bag.

Short Shoulder Straps & Top Handles Are in Style!

There are two strap lengths that are gaining popularity in recent years (2020-2023). Short shoulder length and top handle length. These styles offer a new way to carry your handbag, purse or other favorite bag.

Keep reading to learn more about these convenient strap styles and for a link to save 30% on select leather short shoulder straps and top handles!

Short shoulder length, or sometimes referred to as “crook-of-arm” strap

Allowing lots of versatility, these straps are shorter than traditional shoulder length straps but longer than top handles. With this style of strap, imagine carrying your bag in the following ways:

  1. Crook-of-arm. Your bag is hung on your forearm, usually near the elbow, allowing a hands-free carry style.
  2. Tight fitting under-arm. Your bag is hung from your shoulder, usually resulting in it fitting snug near the armpit area. Great for small accessory bags, wallets and clutches.
  3. Long top handle. Your bag is held in your hand, and carried by your side.

Typical length of this in-style strap is around 20 inches (end-to-end). If converted to the “drop length”, this would be around 8-12 inches, depending on your bag.

Here is a small selection of reviews and testimonials from customers, regarding their short shoulder straps:

“Great quality leather and hardware, giving a new life to an otherwise not used handbag! Wonderful solution to update handbags not being used in my closet.” -Jerilyn

“Originally, the purse had gold chain straps, which is really elegant, but not practical for everyday use. I wanted to purchase a simple, short strap - this one did the trick! The leather was supple and beautifully made, definitely a quality item!” -Geetha

“I got this strap for my LV Odeon MM bag that originally comes with a thick long strap. This shorter strap is exactly what I wanted to carry it on my shoulders. It’s perfect!” -Gemma

Top handle length

The top handle length strap is much simpler in its goals, and provides an easy way to carry your bag. Put simply, the top handle allows you to “grab-n-go” with your bag. Don’t want to sling a small bag on your shoulder? No problem... just grab it by the handle, and be on your way!

“It is the perfect grab strap made of quality letter and hardware.” -Nora

Select in-style Short Shoulder and Top Handle length straps are 30% OFF

Customers have been loving these strap styles because of their flexibility, and also because, wearing or carrying your bag in a new way, can bring “new life” to an old favorite!

If you have a bag that holds a special place in your wardrobe, or a bag that isn’t easy to get rid of due to sentimental value, then this could be a fun way to breathe new life into it.

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Photos from customers showing top handle and short shoulder length straps on handbags and purses.

Last updated: March 2023

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