Photo of black purse strap in high quality soft faux leather (vinyl).
Photo of black purse strap in high quality soft faux leather (vinyl), zoomed in view.
Photo of clip style and metal finishes available for petite purse strap.
Examples of shoulder strap lengths shown on people.
Examples of crossbody strap lengths shown on people.
Photo of black purse strap in high quality soft faux leather (vinyl). Shown in adjustable configuration.

Black Purse Strap - Ultra Premium Vinyl Faux Leather with Grain Texture - Customize Length from Shoulder to Long Crossbody


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Metal Finish
Only 30 available!

Hand-made ultra premium black faux leather purse strap with customized lengths to choose from! The thick, textured imitation leather offers the appearance and durability of genuine leather with a soft buttery feel. A great leather alternative for those that choose to remain leather-free, as well as, those looking for a high quality, American made, durable strap at a great price.

The strap color is standard black and contains a very subtle textured pebbling, simulating the texture and grain of genuine leather. The material offers a comfortable, non-slip design. Great for most black leather or black colored bags; an affordable choice for leather (or PU/pleather) bags, as well as nylon, canvas, or other non-leather bags.

Strap specifications:

  • Half inch (13mm) wide; a great choice for petite to medium size bags
  • Attachable to your bag using the swiveling connector/clasps
    • Metal finishes available: gold-tone, antique brass/aged gold, silver-tone or matte black finish; all metal hardware will match the finish you select
  • Made by hand in the USA with high-quality imitation leather and heavy duty hardware

Length options (measured tip-to-tip):

  • Top Handle length of 12 inches
  • Short Shoulder length of 20 inches; also called "crook of arm" fit
  • Shoulder length of 30 inches
  • Long Shoulder or Short Crossbody length of 40 inches
  • Standard Crossbody length of 50 inches
  • Extra Long Crossbody length of 60 inches; for tall or plus size customers
  • Adjustable length of 25-60 inches; allows the ultimate control of length from shoulder to long crossbody positions!

Benefits of using a non-leather strap:

  • Ethical and Animal Welfare: Non-leather goods are cruelty-free and do not involve the use of animal hides, aligning with ethical and animal welfare principles.
  • Environmental Impact: The production of non-leather goods typically has a lower environmental impact compared to leather, which requires significant resources like water and land, and can result in pollution from tanning chemicals.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Synthetic leathers can be more durable and easier to maintain than traditional leather.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Non-leather goods are more affordable than their leather counterparts.
  • Health Considerations: For individuals with allergies to animal products or concerns about exposure to chemicals used in leather tanning, non-leather goods can be a safer choice.

Customization available; contact us with your request.

We measure straps from end-to-end. Some bag manufacturers provide their specifications in "drop length" which is a different way to measure. The chart below should help convert your bag's drop length to our end-to-end length. Drop length varies by bag and use, so please note that the lengths below are estimates. Read more about strap size & fitment.

Purchase a Mautto tape measure for $6.95 to help you determine your ideal strap length.

Length Drop Length Typical Use
12 inches 4-6 inches Top Handle
20 inches 8-12 inches Crook-of-Arm or Short Shoulder
30 inches 12-16 inches Shoulder
40 inches 16-22 inches Long Shoulder or Short Crossbody
50 inches 22-26 inches Crossbody
60 inches 26-34 inches Extra Long Crossbody

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Proper Care of Leather
Our leathers are treated for durability and longevity; conditioners should not be needed and are not recommended. Keep leather away from water, oils and chemicals (if exposed, wipe off immediately with a dry rag, in soft circular motions). Never use household cleaning products on your leather. If needed, only use quality leather conditioners or cleaners.

Proper Care of Chain
A lacquer protectant is applied to the finish to minimize tarnishing. Just as with fine jewelry, tarnishing is always possible depending on the elements or conditions the chain is subject to. For example, oils, lotions, perfumes, sweat, water and other environmental factors can impact the life of the finish. To help maximize the life of the finish, care for your chain like you would a piece of fine jewelry.

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Our customers say it best...

I've had the pleasure of owning several of your straps. Your straps are awesome and are actually lasting longer than my bags (DKNY, Coach, Michael Kors, and Furla). I've told everyone I know that they should always buy the bag they love and replace the straps with something better...keep up the great work!!!

Coach accessory bag with cross body strap by Mautto.

Your products are now my favorite of all time! I have passed up so many pretty purses, etc. because of the strap, now I don't have to! Your service is amazing, as is the quality, and I can even accessorize my plain looking bags now! Thank you!

Cheetah bag with classic chain and leather woven-in by Mautto.