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Handbag Accessories Gift Guide: Perfect Picks for the Discerning Bag Buff

Gift giving should be fun, but with so many options to choose from, it can be challenging. That’s why we curated this Handbag Accessories Gift Guide for you—to make the shopping experience easier. These handbag accessories and purse straps are popular, highly rated, and useful. When fashion meets functionality, you know your gift will be a winner!

Whether you're on a budget or looking to splurge a little, we've got the perfect accessories to enhance any handbag. Discover stylish picks that are sure to delight any fashion enthusiast.

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Under $25: Affordable Elegance

Great for stocking stuffers or the budget-conscience shopper!

  • Photo of handbag charms under $25.
    Key Accessories: Key leashes and tethers are the epitome of practicality and organization. They make wonderful gifts for organized individuals who appreciate the value of efficiency in their daily lives. Securing a set of keys to a bag or person, is easy with these accessories.
  • Charms: Elevate the look of a handbag with decorative heart-shaped charms and Christmas jingle bell charms. Simple yet effective accessories that exude sophistication and class.
  • Zipper Pulls: Multi-functional pull tabs can achieve two important goals. Replacement of a broken or lost zipper pull, or, used to clip-on charms for some added charm.
  • Strap Extenders: Ever heard your friend complain the bag is great, but the strap is just too short? These simple and elegant accessories allow for the quick extension of a strap.


Practical Gifts for Organized Individuals

Photos of key accessories.

In a world where time is of the essence and organization is the key to success, practicality and efficiency become the guiding principles for many. If you're in search of a gift that embodies both of these qualities, look no further than key leashes and tethers.

These accessories not only keep your keys organized but also provide a level of convenience that is unparalleled. See the complete guide to organization with key accessories.


Photos from customers of popular straps attached to purses and handbags.

The choice of strap can dramatically alter the look and feel of the bag, and influence overall comfort while carrying it. If you’re strap-hunting for someone who would appreciate carrying their bag more comfortably (such as across the body), this guide is for you.

View our complete guide to popular strap styles and how to choose the perfect strap.


The Ultimate Strap for Designer LV Bags

Photos of popular LV straps.

Do you know someone who recently acquired a new LV purse? This strap has become a favorite among Louis Vuitton handbag lovers for its versatility and comfort. It blends perfectly with the damier ebene (DE) and monogram styling, and can be used with other dark brown colorways or golden honey accent colors. Read 100s of reviews or view some customer-submitted photos.

Strap comes in a black storage pouch, perfect for gifting!


Happy Gift Giving!

Whether you're shopping for a loved one or treating yourself, our Handbag Accessories Gift Guide has something for every taste and budget. From affordable elegance to luxe finds on a budget, these accessories are sure to elevate any handbag game.

Happy Holidays!

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