Custom Replacement Straps & Handles for Michael Kors (MK) Handbags / Purses / Wallets / Bags

If you're having a difficult time finding a high quality replacement strap for your beloved Michael Kors bag, then you've come to the right pace! Mautto has helped thousands of customers replace, repair and extend their straps for over 15 years.

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"So happy with my purchase! I am so happy these are even better and more sturdy than the originals and should outlive my bag another 5+ years! These will go a lifetime. Worth the investment in fixing my bag." -Calley

Black leather replacement straps for Michael Kors tote.
Replacement Straps for Black Leather Michael Kors Tote

"Absolutely perfect! I purchased a camo MK handbag and the straps were just a bit too short, I tried to make them longer but it looked awful lol so I found this awesome shop and ordered these dark brown ones and they are perfect and the length is exactly how I like it!" -Brittney

Dark Brown leather replacement straps for MK camo tote.
Dark Brown Leather Replacement Straps for Michael Kors Camo Tote

"I'm so happy I found Mautto... I received my straps today and they are perfect!" -Loreen

Replacement adjustable leather straps for Michael Kors MK tote.
Replacement Michael Kors Tote Straps

Let us help re-connect you, with your Michael Kors bag:

  • Replacement of a missing or damaged strap
  • Extend a strap that is not long enough
  • Add a longer or shorter strap, to better fit your needs, mood or occasion
  • Accessorize with a colorful, wide-n-comfy, or elegant crossbody strap

Materials available for strap replacements or repair include:

  • Over 25 genuine leather colors
  • Luxurious, jewelry-quality chains
  • Durable, thick, and colorful, non-leather materials (nylon, cotton, etc)
  • Non-traditional leathers including patent/glossy, faux, and animal prints

If you have a specific need or question, please contact us.

Please note: Mautto does not create replica designer straps. We use our own strap designs that serve a similar purpose (allow a bag to be carried), with the quality standards of luxury bag makers. Please contact your official retailer for authentic replacement parts. Mautto is an independent company and not affiliated with Michael Kors.